Kitchen Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!!

1. Oats can absorb bad odors. So fill up a bowl place it in the fridge and there will be no funkly smell

2. Need a little bit more cutting space? Just open up a drawer and put the cutting board right on top.

3. Want your candle to last long? Put it in the freezer!

4. If you need to fill up a bucket with water but it doesn’t fit in the sink, just grab a dust pan and then guide the water into the bucket!

5. Ever pull out a trash bag and it just starts dripping? If you put some old newspaper in the bottom of the bag, problem solved! The newspaper will absorb all that nasty juice.

6. Paper binder clip kitchen hacks: Stand up sponges. Sponges need to be kept dry between uses to avoid more bacteria!

7. Paper binder clip kitchen hacks: Organize bottles and cans in the fridge. If you have a wire shelf in your fridge, add a clip to one wire and use it as a stopper to hold up a pyramid of bottles/cans.

8. Will decorate you kitchen and need to hammer some beautiful frame? If you put toothpaste on the back of a frame you want to put on the wall and then press it against the wall, you know exactly where to put the holes!

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