How Do You Organize Your Kitchen Tools And Equipment? 

A tidy place in the house is the most place we want to spend time with. It will definitely be our bedroom and next is our living room! Next? It might be our kitchen where we do magical and sumptuous stuffs for our happy tummy. But is keeping our kitchen tidy that easy? I don’t think so. Let’s talk about one part of making our kitchen tidy, that’s organizing kitchen tools and utensils. Sometimes making your kitchen organize as possible seems impossible due to the quantity of tools and utensils you have. Or maybe you just don’t have a lot of drawer space at all and you’re trying to figure out how to organize utensils on your countertop without creating a cluttered space. Or most of the times, you just don’t know how to tidy up your kitchen properly!

Whatever your woes may be, we talked to a handful of experts for their top tips so you’re sure to have your utensils and tools in order soon and be on your way to an organized kitchen once and for all!

Hang them on the side of cabinets.

Even if you lack wall space, you still probably have room to hang your utensils. Just hang a bar or individual hooks on the side of your cabinets and you’ll have instant storage!

Hang them on a pegboard.

Commonly used for tools in a garage or workshop, a pegboard is just as handy for storing kitchen utensils.

Set them up diagonally in a drawer.

Storing long utensils diagonally makes smarter, more efficient use of drawer space. So simple, yet so brilliant.

Hang them from a pot rack.

Pot racks aren’t just for pots! Just add hooks and hang. You add a surprising decorative touch among skillets and sauce pans to make your kitchen cozy!

Use a magnetic knife strip.

A magnetic knife strip can hold, well, anything that’s magnetic! That includes things like stainless steel spoons, ladles, whisks, and other utensils.

Declutter and condense

Start by removing everything from your kitchen drawers and containers.

Take inventory of what you have and get rid of duplicates. A couple of spoons and spatulas are fine, but you don’t need four turkey basters and five spaghetti serving spoons.

If you’ve had your utensils for a long time and they’ve seen better days, it may be time to invest in something new. Upgrade your cookware and get rid of so many old plastic and metal spatulas and spoons instead keep your wooden ones in a canister on your counter.

Use every space with hanging organizers

Smaller kitchens aren’t always equipped with a lot of drawer storage and countertops can quickly become cluttered when there’s not a lot of space. This can make it hard to find a home for utensils. What’s the solution? If you’re tired of countertop utensil holders that collect water and residue, there are a lot of alternative hanging options to explore.

There are so many ways to get clever with storage space in the kitchen! If you are lacking drawer space and have a lot of bulky utensils, you can create storage out of thin air with an under-shelf hanging hook. Ours attach to your cabinets to provide flexible hanging storage wherever you need it.

Store your least used utensils in the pantry

Many of us have utensils that we don’t use every day, but we do need them on occasion. Anything you don’t use on a weekly basis you store in another organizer in the back of my pantry. You still have those items when you need them, but they’re out of the way for daily cooking.

It makes total sense to incorporate these items into your pantry storage instead, whether that’s a totally separate space to your kitchen or a dedicated cupboard, adjacent to your cooking area in an open plan design.

Use pitchers and vases

Cute and easy on the budget if you pick them up from thrift stores or flea markets, pitchers and pots, even vases, make great utensil storage containers that will add design interest and flair to your space also. If you do store utensils on your counter, you try to blend them into your decor. For example, you placed all your wooden items and your whisks in large white vases.

Pot Rack Hooks

If you have a pot rack, you can easily add hooks to hang cooking utensils. The lovable about this is this storage option makes getting the utensils very easy. Often pot racks are above the kitchen workspace so it’s very convenient.

It’s ideal for frequently used implements such as spatulas and large spoons.

Wall Hooks

You can never have enough hooks in a room where you store stuff such as kitchens, bathrooms and mudrooms. One simple option is to use utensil storage hooks.

Wall-Mounted Bar for Hooks

Another hook option is to mount a bar on the wall on which you place the hooks. It’s similar to the pot rack concept but more suited for utensils.

Wall-Rack for Utensil Hooks

If you’re serious about storing utensils on the wall, consider a storage rack that you mount to the wall.

Stackable baskets to create zones

Knowing there’s a zone for different items makes them easier to find. Separate your tools by function—prep, cook, serve, and store—and your foods by type. In the pantry, wire baskets are a great way to keep like items together, especially bagged things that don’t stack neatly. You can quickly grab the whole basket, remove the item that you need, and then slide the basket back in place without disturbing the overall system.

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